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  • VSPF (Video Services Provider Forum) - Annual Dues: $5,000
  • VSIF (Video Services Industry Forum) - Annual Dues: $5,000
  • VSF Associate Member - Annual Dues: $2,500
  • VSF Trial Membership - Annual Dues: $1,000
  • VSUG (Video Services User Group) - Annual Dues: $900
  • VSF Consultant/Start-Up Membership - Annual Dues: $500
  • VSF Academic Member - Annual Dues: $150





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  • Subscribes to the Bylaws of the Video Services Forum as adopted by its Board of Directors on October 7, 1998, and as they may be amended from time to time according to their provisions as of the time of amendment.
  • Commits to payment of annual membership dues and fees as determined by the Board of Directors and complies with other rules and policies as the Board of Directors may adopt.
  • Provides permission to use member name, logo, and URL link to identify the company as a VSF member on the VSF website and in other VSF material.
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If you would prefer to fax us your application, please download this printable pdf and fax to:

Bob Ruhl, VSF Operations Manager
Fax: 1-775-402-9940

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