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VidTrans 2004 Presentations

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Monday Sessions

Session A1
Panel Presentations: Video and Data Networking: The Case for Convergence
  • Andrew Karlin - Savvis (ppt, 4.62Mb)
  • George Maier - Orion (ppt, 114k)
  • Broadcast Steve Storozum - Level 3 (ppt, 338k)
  • Clyde Smith - Turner (ppt, 51.25Mb)
  • Elio Parente - Genesis Networks (ppt, 249k)

    Session A2
    Applications of Real Time and Non-Real Time Transport of Video for Content Creation
  • Emil Regard - Hughes Network Systems (ppt, 15.29Mb)

    Session A3
    Austin Ironworks Presentation
  • Frank Hironaka - DirecTV (ppt, 266k)

    Session B1
    Technology Behind New HDTV Fiber Backhaul Network
  • Derek Smith - Vyvx (ppt, 143k)

    Session B2
    Store and Forward Television
  • Howard Meiseles - Pathfire (pdf, 878k)

    Session B3
    Video has Many Flavors
  • Chuck Van Dusen - VideoTele.Com (ppt, 5.43Mb)

    Session B4
    Uncompressed HDTV over SONET - Using IP Encapsulation for High Performance Video
  • Brad Gilmer - Gilmer and Associates (ppt, 1.16Mb)

    Session B5
    Video Over IP Today
  • Bart Schade - Path 1 (ppt, 1.48Mb)
  • Tuesday Sessions

    Session C1
    Panel Presentations: Video and Data Networking: The Case for Conflict
  • Rich Wolf - ABC (ppt, 104k)
  • Wes Hanemayer - Broadwing (ppt, 155k)
  • Rich Mizer - CINEvents (ppt, 293k)
  • Gavin Schutz - Ascent Media (pdf, 1.38Mb)

    Session C2
    How to use the Next Generation SONET Technologies GFP, VCAT and LCAS to Deploy Broadband Services
  • William Yue and Wilson Chan - Fujitsu Network Communications (ppt, 541k)

    Session C3
    The Media or the Message - Assessing Quality of Service Trade-Offs
  • Danny Wilson - Pixelmetrix (ppt, 5.32Mb)

    Session D1
    Tutorial on Networking Technologies for building Metro Core / Metro Access Video Service Networks
  • Robert Castellano - C-Cor (pdf, 474k)

    Session D2
    Video-Enhanced Residential ADSL Broadband Technology
  • Michael Isnardi - Sarnoff Corporation (pdf, 938k)

    Session D3
    What is Video QoS to a Telco network?
  • Greg Davey - Bell Canada (ppt, 344k)

    Session D4
    Application of Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode (DTM) for convergence of Video and Data Networks - A Case Study
  • Andrew Karlin - SAVVIS Communications (ppt, 560k)

    Session D5
    Video Over IP Technology - Field Trial Results
  • Norm Slater - Harris Corporation (ppt, 2.64Mb)
  • Wednesday Sessions

    Session E1
    How Video Differs From Data - or - Why Video People Think They're So Special
  • Wes Simpson - Telecom Product Consulting (ppt, 1.05Mb)

    Session E2
    Transporting Video, Audio and Data in the Metro Area for Content Creation Applications - Case Studies
  • Eric Fankhauser - Evertz Microsystems (ppt, 609k)

    Session E3
    Decaffeinated Endpoints - Jitter Mitigation Strategies and Observations
  • John Mailhot - Aastra Digital Video (ppt, 614k)

    Session E4
    Uncompressed HDTV over SONET - Using IP Encapsulation for High Performance Video
  • Mark Moore - Media Links Systems (ppt, 851k)
  • H.350
  • Article 1 (pdf, 841k)
  • Article 2 (pdf, 471k)