Video Services Forum Inc. receives
2014 Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering for
Standardization and Productization of JPEG2000 (J2K) Interoperability

VidTrans 1999 Presentations

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  • 1A-1 Maney online
  • 1A-2 Ackermans online
  • 1A-3 Long online
  • 1A-4 Minzer/Abram online
  • 1A-5 Piper online
  • 1P-1 Hopkins online
  • 1P-1 O'Connor no visual presentation
  • 1P-1 Stranathan unavailable
  • 1P-1 Wolf online
  • 1P-2 Weiss online
  • 2A-1 Pierce unavailable
  • 2A-2 Lewis unavailable
  • 2A-3 Gilmer online
  • 2A-4 Margolis no visual presentation
  • 2A-4 Carleton no visual presentation
  • 2A-4 Cohen no visual presentation
  • 2A-4 Lockard online
  • 2a-4 Wagner no visual presentation
  • 3A-1 Angelopoulos online
  • 3A-2 Riley online
  • 3A-3 Myers online
  • 3A-4 Bellei session cancelled
  • Demo1 HDTV online
  • Demo2 Digital Cinema no visual presentation