The Quality of Experience (QoE) Metrics Activity Group completed its report on Recommended Quality of Experience Metrics for IP Video in January 2011. The report extends the work of the VSF's Recommendation on Video over IP Metrics from 2006 to content-related QoE measurements. It includes metrics characterizing the impact of network-compression interactions (i.e. the relationship between losses and payload), compression, and content on both video and audio quality. Applications of these metrics include monitoring, troubleshooting, and generally improving end-user QoE.

The report was completed in close collaboration with the ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF). As a result, many of the metrics in the VSF QoE Metrics report have been included in the recent update to the ATIS-0800008 standard.

The QoE Metrics Activity Group recently decided not to pursue quality metrics for 3DTV and is now focusing on Streaming applications (to hand-held devices, etc.), again in collaboration with ATIS IIF.