J2K Technical Recommendation Group

The VSF J2K Activity Group completed the first phase of its work during the 1Q 2013, and issued a Technical Recommendation on 4/15/2013 entitled “Transport of JPEG 2000 Broadcast Profile video in MPEG-2 TS over IP” (pdf, 308k). The Technical Recommendation, which uses existing standards to define interoperable profiles for real time streaming of a broadcast profile JPEG 2000 codestream wrapped in MPEG2TS, with audio and ancillary data and encapsulated in IP with FEC, is available to VSF Members and Non-Members in PDF format.

The next step for the J2K Activity Group is to hold Interop events throughout 2013 and 2014. Two private J2K Interop events were hosted by Fox, The Woodlands, Texas over the past 6 months. The first September 30 through October 7 with 6 participants and the second February 13 through February 17 with 10 participants. The Video Services Forum is pleased to announce a major industry public interoperability demonstration that will take place during VidTrans 2014. This Interop will event feature ten equipment manufacturers and technology suppliers, making this the largest technology demonstration ever held for motion JPEG2000 (J2K) technology.

Future work in the J2K Activity Group will consider bidirectional, interactive applications that require specific optimizations for low system latency, as well as real-time transport of high end film and television production video formats. Another future goal will be to define interoperable profiles for real time streaming of JPEG2000 video wrapped in MXF with audio and ancillary data, and encapsulated in IP. If you would like to participate please contact the Co-Chairs of the J2K Technical Recommendation Group listed below, or the VSF Operations Manager.

The J2K Technical Recommendation Group is liaising with DVB & EBU in order to create recommendations that is aligned with ongoing work on J2K over MPEG2TS within these groups.

Interested parties can contact the Co-Chairs of the J2K Technical Recommendation Group.